Hello everyone,

Wow, another season is upon us – we haven’t blogged in a while and we are just getting back to it! Look for great recipes from Marian in the near future. I think rhubarb is growing in the backyard, so a nice tasty dessert for late spring would be fitting, don’t you think?

Speaking of food, one of the frequent compliments we get from our guests leaving comments on travel websites and our guestbook is about the breakfast – divine, plentiful and delicious.

Did you know that we serve organic food whenever we can and local when available? That’s huge. We have several choices available and Marian always makes sure every guest gets what they need whether a full breakfast or a delicious bowl of fresh fruit and yogurt served with muffins, ‘mini-bites’ & crunchy granola. Coffee anyone? Folks love the French press we make and serve our organic coffee in.

We can also accommodate people with medical issues or dietary preferences too. For example, if a guest is gluten intolerance we have gluten-free bread that we toast in a special toaster that we only use for that purpose. Dairy-free? No problem, we have organic coconut yogurt. Vegan, vegetarian or keto, no worries – it will be delicious. Perhaps you eat light at breakfast? How about a fruit smoothie? Our water is purified with reverse osmosis too!

Style and presentation of food is very important to Marian, so every served plate is a masterpiece, visually appealing and scrumptious. Soft music plays in the background as you look out over our grounds for a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

So if you are culinary conscious or you need special selections as mentioned above (according to your dietary preferences), you are in good hands!

Marian and I look forward to seeing everyone in the 2019 summer and fall  season ahead. If you haven’t made your reservations yet, call us at 506-501-4344 and we will take care of that for you.