Imagine you had a fairy godmother.

And she gave you a wish: The wish of ‘where would you want to live and do what you love?’

We have such a godmother.

And we got that particular wish granted from that fairy godmother in the year 2017.

That’s the year we moved to Port Elgin, NB.

We have lived in Ontario, British Columbia, British Virgin Islands and Florida. We have spent time in Phoenix and San Diego. All beautiful places and great people. Then through luck, destiny and a convoluted series of events we ended up here, another beautiful place with wonderful people.

But this is the town is where we want to make our long-time forever home. 

After having lived in many places, you get a ‘feel’ for where you are welcomed, a sense of comfort and peace.

There are no magic wands – the ancient wisdom and promise of ‘ask and you shall receive’ comes true when you have a fairy godmother, you want to work hard and make your dreams come true.

Terra Bella by the Shore in Port Elgin is such a place for us and hopefully for you. We want to make it a centre of sorts, a sanctuary and hermitage for our guests and community members.

Thanks so much to everyone who have helped make our first months here so great!

Randy and Marian